The longest daily journey (so far!)

From Sierra de la Ventana to Puerto Madryn it’s about 790 km and it was our longest daily journey.

Usually we don’t like to do long journeys in only one day and we prefer to split them, but this was a special case. Between these two towns there are very few attractions and we thought it will be a waste of time to stop in a place where there’s almost nothing to see. And we could stay longer in Puerto Madryn where there are so many things to see. In fact, locals (and also tourists) name this area of Puerto Madryn / Peninsula de Valdes the “Patagonia of animals” so we are really excited to explore it!

Sierra de La Ventana was our only stop between Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn (1,400 km) and it was a choice based in the opinion of Argentinian people. Initially we thought staying at Bahía Blanca but then we read it was only a beach destination and too touristic. And after talking with some Argentinians they told us Sierra de La Ventana was a better place to stay between Buenos Aires and Puerto Madryn. So we decided to stay there and explore a bit of the north Argentinian mountains. It was nice to walk, swim (the hotel had a big pool), relax and eat great “empanadas”. But it was just that. Not a place to go on purpose!

Arriving in Sierra de la Ventana!

ATM Machine is a bus in Villa Ventana!

Parque Provincial Ernesto Tornquist

We left Sierra de la Ventana around 8:30 am through route 72 and then 51 to Bahía Blanca. Then our GPS recommend us to go through route 22 and 251 until San Antonio Oeste. After we just caught the “famous” route 3 (the one that crosses Argentina from north to south).

The roads were actually good. Only one lane for each side of course but the asphalt was ok and no traffic (just a few trucks). The views were not spectacular, but they were quite a change from Sierra de la Ventana and especially from what we’ve seen before in Uruguay and Brazil. Another particularity of these roads was that they were the straightest roads we’ve done in our entire life. We drove complete straight lines of more than 100 km (and more than once!).

Views in Villa Ventana

Having lunch in the natural reserve!

Villa Ventana views

We were stopped three times during this journey: one by the police (we are driving a Brazilian car in the middle of Argentina!) and the other two by the Patagonian Sanitary Inspection (these inspection stops are quite usual here since Patagonia is an endemic diseases free zone).

We arrived in Puerto Madryn around 7 pm and it was cold and windy (for the first time in almost 2 months travelling!). Summer is almost over for us!

Driving from Sierra de la Ventana to Puerto Madryn

Our first "steps" in Patagonia!

Arriving in Puerto Madryn

Next stop: Reserva Faunística Península Valdés (Argentina)!


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