Visiting Luxembourg, the least populous country in Europe

Luxembourg is a small country surrounded by three other European countries: France, Belgium and Germany. It is one the smallest countries in Europe (and in the world) and with a population of approximately 575,000. It is the only remaining grand duchy in the world and currently it has the highest GDP per capital (first one is Qatar). In Luxembourg most people speak easily four or five languages: the official ones (Luxembourgish, French, and German), English and sometimes their mother tongue (Luxembourg is a country with lots of immigrants - about 45% of the total residents). The majority of immigrants are Portuguese, representing 16,4% of the population!  

Views from the city center

Our visit to Luxembourg was decided in one week - we had to go there due to work reasons. And also for that reason we only visited the capital, Luxembourg city, one of the three official capitals of the European Union. 

It is a very small city and one can actually visit it in one day. A lot of people visit Luxembourg when travelling around France, Germany or Belgium (the city is less than one hour from these countries' frontiers). 

City center - streets

In our short visit we still had plenty of time to visit the city main attractions, including its fortifications (part of the UNESCO World Heritage List) that surround the city center and make us feel like if we are part of a fairy tale. We also visited the famous Notre Dame (a Gothic cathedral right in the middle of the city center), walked at the Place d'Armes and admired the old Adolphe Bridge

Walk in Luxembourg city center

We haven't visited, but the National Museum of History and Art and the Luxembourg City History Museum seem to be great (and specially if it is raining, which happens a lot!). 

Outside the old city center we also explored several neighborhoods, including the Belair & Merl areas (the most expensive neighborhood with beautiful houses and green parks), Bonnevoie (where we found that everything is Portuguese, from restaurants to coffees and stores) and finally the Kirchberg area (where the European institutions are based, including the European Investment Bank and the European Court of Justice). 

Luxembourg city - views from above

Practical information

  • Main costs: Direct return flights from Madrid to Luxembourg city with Ryanair (€94/person), Airbnb private rooms & bathroom in a private house for 2 people (€156 for 2 nights), bus tickets (€4/person for unlimited trips during one day)
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