From Paraty to São Paulo stopping in Ilhabela

As most of you know we are currently doing a roadtrip across South America. We started in Rio de Janeiro on the 13th of January, we bought a car there and we started driving from Rio to Ilha Grande and then Paraty.

From Paraty to São Paulo it's around 270 kms so we decided to do another stop on the way (after all, this is a roadtrip!). After reading a few travel blogs and guide books we chose to stop in Ilhabela for two nights, which was a great decision.

We left Paraty around 10 am and we caught the BR-101 for about 75 km until Ubatuba. According to our travel book guide this was "one of the most beautiful stretches of the São Paulo coast" so we decided to stop by and explore it for a few hours. Ubatuba has a few historical buildings but the church ("Igreja Matriz") is its main historical attraction. Nonetheless people don't come to Ubatuba for the historical buildings but for the beaches and for the nice restaurants/coffees/shops at the Itagua area. We had a typical light lunch ("crepe de mandioca") at one of the restaurants around and we (re)started the trip to São Sebastião, where we caught the ferryboat ("balsa") to Ilhabela. It was quicker and more efficient than we expected! We paid a fee for the car (R$ 24,40) and we just entered the ferryboat. From São Sebastião to Ilhabela it was just 15 minutes which was great.

Ferryboat from São Sebastião to Ilhabela

Ilhabela - south

"Tres tombos" Trail at Ilhabela

We still had time to enjoy our hotel swimming pool for a while until we discovered there was no electricity in all the island so we didn't had hot water, lights and internet. It was so serious that restaurants, coffees and supermarkets closed! We were the lucky ones that bought bread, cheese and juices just before the supermarket close its doors. We had to eat our dinner inside the car to have light and air conditioner. But fortunately we had electricity again around 10:30 pm.

We spent the next day visiting the south of the island by car/foot where we did a small trail in the middle of the forest ("Trilha da Cachoeira dos Três Tombos"). After the trail we decided to eat and drink something in one of the many beaches of the island and we chose the Curral beach.

We still had time to explore the old town of Ilhabela, see the sunset and had dinner in a nice but simple restaurant that was recommended by the hotel manager: Cheiro Verde.

Ilhabela Map in old tiles

Church at Ilhabela old town

Old town in Ilhabela

Next day we drove to the Ilhabela port again where we caught the ferry to São Sebastião and from there we initiated our trip to the biggest city in South America: São Paulo. We decided to drive through the coast instead of the interior since it was just 30 minutes more but a more scenic route through some beaches and the Atlantic Forest. It was only 200 km but the last 100 km before São Paulo the roads were full of huge trucks, lots of traffic and not very good pavements, and so it took us around 3 hours. After missing one exit (GPS was not working very well!) we arrived to the big city and our amazing Airbnb apartment in Jardins area.

Next stop: Curitiba!

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