Our first week in Brazil

One week since we left Portugal and landed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It has been a long and weird week actually... Curious? Just read below more about our first week in Brazil.

- We had one of the worst flights ever with turbulence for 9 hours (the flight was 10 hours...). We couldn't sleep anything and even eating was complicated during the flight. Result? We had to spend part of our first day here sleeping...

- It has been raining almost every day! Sometimes we think we are in Ireland - but then we are using shorts and t-shirts (which never happened while living there). Additionally to the rain we have lots of cloudy days and not even one blue-sky day until now!

- We just discovered we forgot 2 essential cables: one to charge the small camera and another one to transfer the photos from the camera to the computer. Nothing we couldn't solve in a local shop but it was the first time that happened to us (which is strange since this trip was much more planned than others we did in the past...)

- We have been visiting a few touristic attractions and museums and most of them just have explanations in Portuguese. It is fine for us since we are from Portugal, but not for all tourists that are visiting Rio.

- Brazilians are really nice people, they smile a lot and they talk to you even if they just met you a few seconds ago in the elevator or in the bus.

- Driving is crazy here in Rio. We didn't drive a lot yet but even using the bus or the taxi is a little bit insane. Fast, aggressive and stopping only when it's really necessary (sometimes there's only 5 cm between each car in a traffic line). Ah, and they use the horn a LOT!

- We finally found the car for this trip! After several days between different stands and people we just bought a VW Fox 1.6 Flex yesterday! Today we made the bank transfer and discussed insurances (for Brazil and other countries in South America). This took us more time than we planned initially so we've just decided to stay a few more days in Rio to have time to solve all the bureaucracies and explore the city.

Now we just wait for the sun to come!


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