A short (and relaxing!) stay in Curitiba

For those who don't know us we are lovers of "slow travel". This means we prefer to travel more days and see less things. We really don't like to run from one place to another just to say we've been there. No. That's not our way of traveling (or doing anything in life actually!). So we usually prefer to stay longer in each place and enjoy more each museum, hike, restaurant, coffee and people.

Curitiba was a short stay for us (3 nights / 2 days) but most people would say that there's no many things to do/see in Curitiba and one day would be enough. But actually, we found more places to see than our travel guide book recommended us, namely:

- Oscar Niemeyer Museum - The only place mentioned in our travel guide and one of the best places to visit in Curitiba. According to TripAdvisor, the #2 but we think it's the #1. The Museum is really good outside and inside. It was designed to represent the eye in the Brazilian Flag, and the museum architecture is awesome and very different from the typical buildings. Inside there are permanent and temporary exhibitions and we specially enjoyed the one about Niemeyer's work.

- Curitiba old town - There are not a lot of historical buildings in Curitiba and this is the best place to go to get a feel of how Curitiba must have been. Most of the buildings are originally kept and walking around is a like a trip to the 19th century. On Sundays mornings the streets turn into a huge fair where locals sell handmade products and local food. We were there last Sunday and it was great (despite the hot weather!). The Metropolitan Cathedral and the Mosque were our favorite buildings outside and inside.

- Curitiba Botanical gardens - Probably the most visited park in Curitiba and one of the top attractions in the city. Although it is more a park than a botanical garden and we were a little bit disappointed with the plants and gardens inside the glasshouse (not very well taken care of).

- Wire Opera ("Opera de Arame") - This was a quick stop in our trip around Curitiba. We just wanted to see the building outside because it's in the middle of the nature and totally different from the usual opera buildings.

View of Curitiba from the Botanical gardens

Curitiba Mosque

Botanical gardens in Curitiba

Niemeyer Museum - view from outside

Niemeyer Museum

Niemeyer Museum - temporary exhibition

Sundau Street Fair in the city center of Curitiba

Old town colonial buildings in Curitiba

Street art in Curitiba old town

Next stop: Iguaçu!


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