5 things we did in Gramado and Canela

Gramado was originally settled in 1875 by Portuguese descendants (from Azores!) and a few years later received a contingent of German and Italian immigrants. It is a small town that depends almost exclusively on tourism and it is one of the towns along the scenic route "Rota Romântica". Canela is Gramado's neighborhood and another important tourist resort located in Serra Gaúcha of Rio Grande do Sul state, Brazil.

As Itaimbézinho these places were not in our initial route but since it was a recommendation we decided to spend 2 nights there. And these were the top 5 things we did there:

#1: Visiting "Cascata do Caracol" (Caracol waterfall) - There are two ways to see this waterfal: you can see it through the Cable Car Park ("Parque do Teleférico") or you can go through the Caracol park stairs. We chose the first option and we enjoyed the ride and the views!

#2: Taking pictures at "Fonte do Amor Eterno" - This is a fountain we discovered while walking around Gramado town. It is covered with lockers that represent couples' eternal love and it is full of them!

#3: Admiring Belvedere viewpoint - It has the best possible view of Quilombo Valley that you can see at Gramado/Canela towns. Nevertheless we saw better views when arriving and leaving the towns.

#4: Walking around the main streets of Gramado - We always enjoy nice walks around the towns without a destination just to discover more by ourselves (and being less tourists!). And Gramado is THE town to walk around, having a coffee outside, discovering a cool local library and admiring the main church ("Igreja Matriz São Pedro Apóstolo").

#5: Eating/drinking at "Rua Coberta" - It is not a gorgeous place but it is the place where one goes to drink a beer, eat something or buy the typical Gramado chocolates! It is located in the very center of the town and it has several events going on during the year.

Gramado entrance

Belvedere viewpoint

Gramado roundabout

Belvedere viewpoint

The cable car and Caracol waterfall

Caracol waterfall - view from the Cable Car


Gramado buildings

Gramado streets

Stone Cathedral ("Catedral de Pedra") in Canela

Igreja Matriz Sao Pedro Apostolo in Gramado

Next stop: Pelotas & Rio Grande (our last stop in Brazil!)


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